At Sintonik , we are manufacturing excellent quality of Reciprocating type Lubricated Air Compressor. Air compressors are equipped with large Tank sizes, reputed brands of accessories. Air Tanks are Designed & tested as per IS-2825 Div-II. All the tanks and assembly of air compressors are individually tested for its leakage, performance, fitness to provide a reliable and troublefree equipment.

    • Service Stations

      • All pneumatic applications
      • Petrol pumps
      • Plant & Machine Automisation
      • Painting
      • Food processing machinery
Unbeatable Features
  • Robust Cast Iron Body
    • Deep finned Cylinders
    • Large Tank Sizes
    • Large Fan size for effective body cooling
    • Heavy intercooler & delivery pipes
    • Double Oil Rings for efficient lubrication
    • Low Oil Carryover
    • Low Temperature of discharge air
    • Optimum running speed
    • Low Maintenance cost
Singal Stage : 4.9CFM to 71 CFM (PD)   and working pressure 9.0 Kg/Cm2
Two Stage    : 11.0CFM to 55 CFM (PD)   and working pressure 12.0 Kg/Cm2


All the accessories are sources from the reputed manufacturers to ensure reliable and trouble free operation.

ABB/CG Motors

H-Guru/Feibig Pressure Gauge

Alfa Pressure switches

C&S Starters