The compressed air generated by the air compressor need the treatment for removal of dust, excess oil, moisture etc. At “SINTONIK” we manufacture highly efficient equipments to meet the above industrial requirements.

Desiccant/Heatless type air dryers can be used to remove air contaminants and a better due point can be achieved. There dryers works an adsorbson property of activated alumina. The incoming air from te compressor passes through the desiccant bed in two towers alternatively. The desiccant balls attract the moisture content from the air and holds it on the surface for the certain period. After saturation of 1st tower, air flow switched over to 2nd automatically and at the same time 1st comes in the regeneration to exhaust the collected moisture. This cycle repeat continuously with its control system.


  • Good quality Dessicant
  • Automatic & maintenance free operation
  • optimum purge loss
  • Better dewpoint
  • Wall/Floor mounting design
  • Easy installation
Working Pressure      :  12Bar Max Air inlet Temp.    :45o C
Atm. Dew Poing.        :  -40o C to -70oC Air inlet Temp.    : 45o C
Cycle time                  :  2+2 Minuts Air Purge             :  10% to 15%
Power Supoly             : 220 V/1 ph. 50 Hz AC

At “SINTONIK” we manufacture desiccant type floor mounted air dryer in higher capacities. These are designed with inbuilt oil removal filter and after filter to get neat and clean air to your process.

Working Pressure   : 12Bar Max.  Ambient Temp.   : 45o C
Atm. Dew Poing.    : -40o C to -70oC Air inlet Temp.       :    45o C
Cycle time               :  5+5 Minuts Air Purge               :    10% to 15%
Power Supoly         : 220 V/1 ph. 50 Hz AC

A major advantage by using these dryers is “the purge loss is absolutely nil”. At “SINTONIK” . The refrigeration system has been designed according to the cooling load required for various flow capacities of air. Refrigerated type air Dryer” works on the principal of moisture holding capacity of “Air” at various temperature and pressures. The temperature of the incoming wet air from the compressor reduced by the refrigerated system in these dryers. The condensed moisture accumulates in the moisture separator and removed through an automatic drain valve and you get moisture free air out from the dryer.


  • Consistant dew point
  • Low power consumption
  • Plate Type heat exchangers with SS-304 Air Piping(15 to 300cfm)
  • Highly Efficient Heat Exchangers
  • Cyclonic Moisture Seperation
  • Easy installation


Working Pressure      :  12Bar Max. Air inlet Temp.     :45o C
AC                             :  Air Cooled Condensor. Ambient Temp.    :45o C
WC                            : Water Cooled Condensor Rafrigerant          : R-134a/R-22
Pressure Dew Point  : 2-5oC  Air Purge             : NIL


These air dryers are designed for high temperature inlet air from the air compressor. The incoming air initially cooled in an inbuilt air cooler before entering into the refrigeration system

Working Pressure    : 12Bar Max Air inlet Temp.        :    75o C
AC                            :  Air Cooled Condensor. Ambient Temp.       :    45o C
WC                           : Water Cooled Condensor Rafrigerant              : R-134a/R-22
Pressure Dew Point  :   2-5oC  Air Purge                : NIL